Memorial Day Weekend

What to do, what to do. Three day weekends are a tricky, there is a ton of things do but trying to find that balance of activities that are fun and sandwiching it all between lunch and dinner can be a challenge with kids. We started the festivities on Saturday with a trip to the farmers market, bowling on Sunday and the El Paso Zoo on Monday. The Zoo has several new additions including zebras, giraffes , lions and a very lively sea lion. To accommodate all these new animals the zoo expanded into the area where the old Dudley field once was, home of the Diablos.

Oh Hi there!

We ended the day with a walk by the river. The boys dig walking along the jogging path and with it being so close to the house there is no excuse not to do it.


Big tree at sunset



Alexandre Farto aka Vhils

I saw Alexandre Farto’s work on Gizmodo today.  For some of his works he uses a subtractive process, removing material to create his imagery on walls and billboards:

These works add an interesting wrinkle to the graffiti art debate.  “Normal” graffiti art done with paint or markers is removable, this is a bit more destructive.  Judging by the care and detail I’m sure permission has been granted to do these but what of copycats who might try to emulate his art in a more clandestine fashion somewhere else? Cool stuff nonetheless and worth a visit to his site:

Blue Window

A couple weeks ago, we drove out to San Elizario to check out some galleries and across the street from one of them was an old adobe building that had about 2 walls left to it.  This was what was left of one of the windows.

Another Start

You learn in school that you shouldn’t really work just one painting at a time. In the past that didn’t work out for me.  I’d have longish breaks due to work or other circumstances and by the time I would start backup any areas that needed to dry would be ready to go.  With fewer distractions now, watching paint dry between layers isn’t very productive.  Having 2 or even 3 paintings going at the same time will keep me on my toes.  Here is the start of something new: