The Big Green Meanie

Its been nice being one of a handful of people in town with a lime green vehicle.  It makes it easy to give directions to your house,

“Down the street and at the end of the Cul-De-Sac you’ll see a lime green Jeep, can’t miss it”

Lime green gets you instant recognition that you belong to a club of people who aren’t afraid of “BOLD ALL CAPS” color.  Well us El Paso Lime Greenie’s will be inducting a new member soon:

Big Green Meanie
Big Green Meanie

He sits menacingly off the freeway waiting for the right individual to snap him up and lay waste to the tread wrapped around the 20″ aluminum wheels.

Gimme Fuel!
His Large chrome fuel filler is easy to spot, which is good because with a 392 HEMI under the hood you’ll need to stop often to fill up.

HEMI? Check!
HEMI? Check!

Come on, you want to join the club. We’ll let you in… the membership fee is only 50,000.

Join the club!
Join the club!

Full Flickr here: Green Meanie

La Casa de Asucar

Like any big metropolitan area, El Paso has its share of weirdness. Today I bring you the end result of one really devoted individual in the northeast part of El Paso.

La Casa de Asucar:

La Casa de Asucar
La Casa de Asucar (the Sugar House)

This houses perimeter is completely covered on a very ornate and intricate fence that makes no bones about just exactly who this person believes in.

This guy knows how to build a proper shrine

The level of detail is amazing.  I wouldn’t want to be responsible for the upkeep on this place.  I was also quite shocked that there was no apparent damage from vandals. No tagging, no missing heads or hands.

La Casa de Asucar
The Sugar House

I was left with a kind of Hansel and Gretta feeling after seeing the Sugar House.  What do the neighbors think? Its well maintained and lighted at night but it is a bit over the top.  The Sugar House is a very appropriate name for the religious beacon just off the freeway. More sweetness can be found here: La Case de Asucar

Big Dragonfly

I caught this guy buzzing my tomatoes:

Big Dragonfly

Zoom lenses are awesome for getting close like this.  Luckily he wasn’t moving around a whole bunch so I was able to focus in on him.  I thought it was interesting that his wings were placed in a forward position when he was at rest, not backwards.  It’s kind of like he’s using them as counter balances.

Abandoned Terminal

Down by the southern end of Doniphan, there are several old industrial, mixed use lots. A few have buildings and equipment left that are worth checking out:

View Larger Map

I have been next door in the past and shot some pics of graffiti covering a large grey wall. (Flickr set here:Graffiti) For those shots I used my Holga and now that I have my Rebel T3i I wanted to go back and take them again.  They have since been painted over so I focused my attention on the empty terminal lot:

Terminal Entrance
Terminal Entrance

The BNSF train line that runs along Doniphan splits off and travels up to this site so there must have been some loading and unloading going on here in the past.  If a train happened to travel up the tracks now he would meet an old Olds:

End of the Tracks

The last resident looks to have been a construction company, and they liked Dr Pepper:

Building Front
Dr Pepper
35¢? I’ll take 3!

For 35¢ who wouldn’t? I wished it was full and running, the 100 degree heat was pretty unbearable, every surface radiated the high temps right back at you. The Pepper machine has been dragged out into the elements and cracked open but it looks to be intact. Other objects have been exposed for far longer as evident in this electrical panel:

Lights out!
Lights out!

There are other industrial artifacts scattered around the site in the same states of disrepair.  I was short on time to begin with so I exited and headed back to the cool confines of my office. Full Flicker set here: Abandoned Terminal

Fabens, Texas has a big cock!

Well it does:

My, what a big cock you have there

Fabens, Texas is the last stop east out of El Paso county.  The ginormous rooster guarding Fabens Street is not the only interesting item here.  Some of Steve McQueen’s “The Getaway” was filmed there, though off hand I couldn’t pick out where.

Before the rooster is a Pontiac Ventura permanently embedded in an empty lot.  It appears to be advertising the locations great potential for your future business opportunity:

Crash and Burn here!

Traveling down Fabens Street, left onto Alameda and in about a mile you will find what looks like a airplane graveyard:

Final boarding call for the last flight out of Fabens

The property has several fuselages scattered about it along with random airplane parts and crates of Steno cans.  The Steno and plane wrecks gave me a creepy “Alive” vibe, minus the cannibalism and bitter cold.

Fabens is also not immune to the effects of rampant file sharing and movie piracy:

Eddie couldn’t holdout for the return of Betamax

Just down the street from Eddie’s is Hotel California:

Captain, Please bring me my wine

Not really.  It sure does look similar to the Eagles album cover though.  The warm hands of God must have kept their palm trees alive during February’s unusual 4 day freeze, unlike 95% of El Paso.

I didn’t have much more time to keep driving around freaking out the locals so I headed back to EP.  The full Flickr set can be found here: Fabulous Fabens