New Painting Teaser

I know its been a while since I’ve updated the progress on the painting I’m currently working on so here it is:

I have been accused by some as “nancy-ing” it when it comes to this painting but that’s ok, you can’t rush greatness! There were some spots that took at while but I’m cooking now and it’ill be wrapped up shortly.

Another Start

You learn in school that you shouldn’t really work just one painting at a time. In the past that didn’t work out for me.  I’d have longish breaks due to work or other circumstances and by the time I would start backup any areas that needed to dry would be ready to go.  With fewer distractions now, watching paint dry between layers isn’t very productive.  Having 2 or even 3 paintings going at the same time will keep me on my toes.  Here is the start of something new:

Fistful of Power V2, Done!

I finally got around to snapping a pick to post of my latest painting, Fistful of Power V2.  This was for a client who had bought the original and wanted another for a different location.  It was an interesting challenge to  reproduce a something that I had done a little over 10 years earlier.

Fistful of Power V2, oil on canvas, 48" X 60", 2011