Tres Kress

I now have a new addition to my Kress collection:

The original muse in our very own El Chuco:

El Paso’s best, better than the rest!

This fantastic example in that Tex-Mex town, home of the Alamo:

San Antonio’s Version

And now one from “West Texas”

Fort Worth’s Kress Building

I’ll post up more from a recent trip to Fort Worth tomorrow.

2 of a Kind

When I go out to shoot, I don’t have a plan.  I just wander around capturing interesting and unique things.  I have a bunch of downtown pics from back when I used to work there, so it’s interesting capturing the changes between 10 years ago and today.  There has been a surprising amount in just the last 3 to 4 years.

The Saturdays  that I’ve been going out over the last year have allowed me to move from taking random shots to, and I say this loosely…to attempting to document specific ideas, places or feelings.

This last Saturday I left with the  goal of trying to capture 2 of the same thing but in different ways.  It could be 2 pics of the same object or the same object in 2 different places:

Do Not Enter

Free Parking


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