El Paso Zoo

Over Labor day weekend we decided to visit the El Paso Zoo.  It was a great time to visit. The weather was cool and it had rained some the night before so most of the animals were out.

El Paso Zoo
Be careful! Its a Zoo in there.

The Zoo recently opened its Animals of Africa wing this year on the site of the old “Dudley Dome” opening up a whole new area to walk around in.  Some new additions include Giraffes:


If I counted right there are 5 to the herd and they are pretty play full with each other. Zebras have also been added:

Always eating, these guys

Other smaller animals added to the African side include meerkats, various birds and by far the coolest is a pride of lions:

The King on his throne

The lions were very playful, chasing each other around, tackling and in general doing what lions do.   A small train rings the African exhibit that you can ride for a few bucks. The entrance has been reworked as well making the African side the entry point linked by the bridges over the Franklin Canal to the older part of the Zoo.

Over in the Asia exhibit two of the tigers were out, the male and one of the two females:

once bitten
Tigers! They’er Grrrreat!

It seems like no matter how much good the Zoo does, they get hit hit with sad news. As reported in the Times, the male tiger was recently killed by its mate. Considered a freak accident and happening in a split second this only underscores the dangers of these wild animals.

When we were there, we saw no indication of any issue between the two.  They were walking around the enclosure with the male being very vocal.

Flowers Good!
Flowers Good!

The Zoo’s plan is to replace the male with the ultimate goal of the tigers reproducing. All of the other exhibits were open with the exception of the reptile house which is being reworked.  A full Flickr walk through is here: Labor day at the Zoo