La Casa de Asucar

Like any big metropolitan area, El Paso has its share of weirdness. Today I bring you the end result of one really devoted individual in the northeast part of El Paso.

La Casa de Asucar:

La Casa de Asucar
La Casa de Asucar (the Sugar House)

This houses perimeter is completely covered on a very ornate and intricate fence that makes no bones about just exactly who this person believes in.

This guy knows how to build a proper shrine

The level of detail is amazing.  I wouldn’t want to be responsible for the upkeep on this place.  I was also quite shocked that there was no apparent damage from vandals. No tagging, no missing heads or hands.

La Casa de Asucar
The Sugar House

I was left with a kind of Hansel and Gretta feeling after seeing the Sugar House.  What do the neighbors think? Its well maintained and lighted at night but it is a bit over the top.  The Sugar House is a very appropriate name for the religious beacon just off the freeway. More sweetness can be found here: La Case de Asucar