This past weekend, walking around downtown, I passed the Martin building on Stanton.  It has been under a major remodel recently and they were busy installing new air conditioning units on the roof.

One of the site workers waved to me and motioned me to come over.  I guess seeing my camera he thought I might be interesting in taking some shots from the rooftop.  He didn’t need to ask twice, and 7 flights of stairs later I was up top.

From up high, the street level buzz of construction fades away and you can enjoy downtown El Paso’s unique mix of old and new architecture.

Speaking of construction, it is amazing the amount going on as well as what is scheduled that hasn’t begun yet. Downtown is finally getting some luv.

Not wanting to be in the workers way, I grabbed a few more shots and heading back down.  You can see more here:

Martin Building on Flickr