Kid sized Proton Pack

Jack wanted to be a Ghostbuster this Halloween.  I didn’t really find any good kid sized Ghostbusters costumes so I figured I can come up with something.  It needed to be light so making it out of wood was out, I was already working on foam tombstones for the front yard so I decided to use the foam.  I went to GBFANS (a great site with tons of Ghostbusters info/plans etc) and got some ideas. I cut out some foam into the basic shapes and covered it in bondo. After sanding and smoothing it a bit I hot glued on some plastic pieces and other objects to give it the basic look:

The frame for the pack is made from PVC pipe:

The red piece is a plastic clip of some sort that was lying around, I figured it would make a good holder.   I epoxied the PVC frame to the pack but wasn’t so sure if that would hold up.  I added some conduit clips screwing them into the foam back.  To make sure the screws stayed put, I dabbed some Gorilla Glue into the screw holes.  The wand is made from PVC pipe, a PVC electrical box and a old rocker switch:

With everything secured and dry I sprayed primer over everything and then layered on some flat black:

Tonight I’ll finish up some little details like the pack straps, decals and if I have time a pair of goggles. Part 2